Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are increasingly being recognised as a powerful retirement vehicle for those who desire greater flexibility and control over their savings and investments in retirement. For the right individuals, the benefits of an SMSF are numerous.



SMSFs offers its members a greater choice in where they are able to invest their retirement savings, for example direct shares, managed funds, bonds, and alternative investments. Not only are members given a greater choice in their selection of investments, they are also able to implement more sophisticated investment strategies to suit their individual needs and circumstances. 

Benefits of SMSFs:

  • Implementation of effective tax management strategies 

  • Flexibility to make timely investment decisions when market conditions change. 

  • Up to four fund members so you can include your family, increasing investable savings and keeping fees lower for everyone. 

  • Lower fees compared to industry and commercial funds (depending on your Super balance) 

  • Flexible pension planning and management 

  • Control and flexibility in estate planning


HFS facilitates quick and simple establishment of your self managed fund. 
We provide you with your establishment kit with simple and easy to understand documentation within 2 – 3 business days of receipt of your application form. 

Your establishment includes: 

  • The SMSF trust deed 

  • Minutes and all documentation relating to the establishment of the fund and admission of members and trustees 

  • Application for tax file number and Australian business number 

  • Investment strategy information and sample template 

  • Nomination of beneficiary instructions and forms 

Our establishment team are happy to assist you with any queries you may have during this process. 


We handle all of the accounting required for your superannuation fund, including: 

  • Maintaining detailed capital gains tax records 

  • Maintaining detailed membership records 

  • Preparation of financial statements 

  • Preparation of the annual tax return and regulatory documentation 

  • Preparation of all minutes and associated documentation 

  • Pension administration 

  • Arranging for external audits 


By tailoring our professional superannuation investment advice to your personal circumstances and future goals, you'll have an investment strategy that works hard to deliver you a solid financial future. Our innovative solutions include direct share investments, managed funds, cash investments, portfolio construction and management. We also regularly review their performance so you can rest easy that they're right on track. 


SMSFs are able to borrow to invest via a bare trust arrangement in residential and commercial property. Lenders generally allow LVRs of up to 80% for residential properties and 65% for commercial properties. 

Utilising direct borrowing could be particularly advantageous for small business owners because they are able to lease their business property (the property their business uses) from their SMSF and thereby improve business cash flow and hold a valuable asset in their retirement fund. 

However, before investing in property through your SMSF there are multiple considerations to take into account for example overall investment strategy, diversification, life insurance needs, superannuation balance, costs, risks regarding debt held by their superfund, and the fund's cash flow outlook. 

To help our clients make informed decisions and to deliver a hassle free experience, the HFS team has developed a simple step-by-step process for clients considering investing in property through their SMSF.